Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coffe & Tea

In my country coffe and tea are very popular drinks, they usually have them when they are chatting or in a get together, but basically there are a lot of shops that sells coffe and tea, me personally i dont like either coffe or tea, i dont like the taste of either one of them, im my country there is a famous drink called Fororo, that is like this drink with a lot of vitamins, and a lot people have a cup of that for breakfast, and that help them to keep going with energies until lunch, but a lot people in my people like to drink coffe and tea, i did like coffe when i was younger but there was this time i was feeling a little bit sick and i had a cup of coffe and i puked afterwards and then i didnt liked it anymore, and tea i think it doesnt have any flavor so i really dont see the point of drinking tea, for me is like hot water, but a lot people in my house for example, my mom and my dad, they cant start their day withouth a cup of coffe, and my grandmother too, she is always makins this big piles of coffe every day for all the visitors in the house and to all the people in the house be able to drink coffe when they want, but dont cry for me, because i really do not like coffe or tea, hehe. bye Thx 4 reading.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Favorite Movies

In Venezuela there is not a big movie industries, there are only a couple of venezuelan movies that are famous and only like 2 venezuelan actors in hollywood, that are Maria conchita alonzo and Edgar ramirez, they have in big motion american movies, but they also have acted in venezuelan movies, those movies are only famous in our countries, there only one movie that they made that it was called "Secuestro Express", that is about kidnappers, that it really reflected the way things where in venezuela in the moment when the movie was recorded, but in venezuela American movies are very popular, in the movie teathers there is always like 1 venezuelan movie and 10 americans, my favorite movie so far that ive seen its called "El Cantante", is about a salsa singer named hector lavoe, he is played by Marc anthony, jennifer lopez husband, and he is pretty good impersonating his character, and i really enjoy everytime i watch that movie, because its a really touching movie.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

whats your favorite type of music

My favorite type of music, i dont like one in particular but if i have to choose i would say its salsa music, i really enjoy this music because is nice to hear it and its very fun to dance it, its a little bit difficult but with practice you can learn really well, the favorite singer of salsa music that i like its marc anthony, he is from puerto rico and he is very good singing this type of music, ive seen him in concert twice, and he is great, i dont know what i feel when i hear this music i just know is pretty cool because i hear that a lot in venezuela, so when i hear it here its very fun, because it makes me feel home, i cant remember when was the first time y heard this music because ive heard it my whole life, because my mom and my dad really like this kind of music and they always put it in at home, i would have to say ive heard this music for my whole life but its pretty great, and i really enjoy it, well this is my post. :D

Friday, August 29, 2008

My initial reaction when i knew i was coming to the united states.

My first reaction when i knew i was coming over here was excitement. I was also a little bit nervous about it because i had never traveled alone before. It was a new experience for me. After i left Venezuela i was feeling a little bit scared. I just thought, this is a new experience, you should just enjoy it. That is what i am planning to do, when i got here the first day i was feeling really out of place, but after a couple days i started making friends and having fun. I am really enjoying my trip so far, but i thought i wasn't gonna make any friends, that i was gonna be alone all the time, but actually people here very nice and friendly, i still haven't met the first person that has been rude to me, and that's very nice. When i heard Cesl program sent a lot of homework i was like.. oh oh, because i am not used to do homework everyday, but i am getting used to it i think, But it has reached all my expectations so far so i really like the united states so far.